Profile for Zachary Britton

There's only one thing you need to know about Zach. He has three loves; nachos, chasing skirts, and art.
It’s said that once you've performed a task for ten years you’ve mastered it. While he’s spent the majority of his life diligently pursuing the mastery of all three, Zach has truly mastered the art of combining tortilla chips, beans and cheese into a perfectly nuked plate of nacho heaven. I’d guess they occupy most of his waking thoughts.
In fact, if he was given the choice between a warm plate of nachos and a scantily clad vixen beckoning him for a night of pleasure, I wouldn't want to bet against the nachos. Although, it’s likely he'd pool his good fortune; devour the nachos, draw an anatomically correct sketch of both… freak, and then saunter over for some pleasuring. Zach is many things, but a fool he's not.
So if you're hungry for a bitchin plate of nachos, heading out to your favorite pub for a night of wenching, or jonesing for an awesome drawing of your favorite hero or heroine grrrowl then Zach’s your man!

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