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Profile for Zachary Blair

I've found that people-watching can provide both high quality, unscripted entertainment as well as inspiration. One's nonchalant interactions with the world offer the smallest glimpse into something much larger within. I believe that we should treasure the small scale, the eccentric, and the ordinary that humans bring to the world. It is that unedited, uninhibited story that I strive to capture within my paintings. I aim to inspire viewers to look more carefully at the seemingly monotonous world around them in order to discover beauty in the mundane. 

Zachary Blair is best known for his expressionist oil paintings that transform ordinary moments into fantastical memoirs. He resonates with artists who use color in unexpected and subtle ways. His work often involves the application of layers, complemented by literal scraping and cutting at the canvas.  "I have found that I enjoy destroying my canvases as much as I enjoy building upon them." Since graduating from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2018, Zachary has continued to explore his fascination with color and texture, utilizing them in order to capture the brilliance and authenticity of small, human moments. 

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