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As far as I can remember, my favorite occupation has always been painting.
I studied design and graphics in Simferopol in the Highest art school of N.S.Samokish (the Crimea, Ukraine)
I realized that depth and laconism of easel
graphic works is close to me and lost myself in studying the
technique of eau-fort (zincogravure and copper-plate engraving).
There were local and international exhibitions and some of my
works started their independent travel to warm countries(-: Odessa
and Kiev in Ukraine, Sukhumi in Abkhazia, Wroclaw in Poland,
Heidelberg in Germany, and Jersey in USA.
Since the childhood parents imparted love to fairy tales.
Fairy tales of steel of universal and full bottomless depth mythology.
At the heart of plots, usually my mini story and work by way of illustration to it.
At present I live in the Crimea (Simferopol, Ukraine. )
I work in graphic technicians a water color, a monotipiya, an etching.

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