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My name is Maria, I am a hobbyist photographer and subject.

I've been in love with art and creating since I can remember.

I'm 25 years old, a Florida native, where I lived for the first twenty years of my life. I am now in Maine, taking full advantage of all New England has to offer. I've called a few different cities in the pine tree state home, but nothing can compare to the natural solitude you can find all over the mountainous, forested, terrain of New England.

Painting, poetry, and music are also close to my heart but for now photography and modeling are my favorite artistic outlets.

I seek out to create things in order to express myself and my view on our world around us. I am endlessly inspired by the female form and feminine energy, especially that which is expressed through flora, & vegetation, as well as the palpable energy that exudes of the walls of homes long forgotten and fled from.

You can follow daily updates of my photography on my instagram.

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