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Profile for youngspeak art

Entirely self-taught and having a professional life that is completely outside of the "art world", Youngspeak nevertheless views art making as an essential component of his own human experience, and actively utilizes it to explore and discover insights about his inner universe as well as the people and world around him.

His approach to making art can be best characterized as improvisational, with the best analogy being that of a jazz player or freestyle rapper. Rather than approaching execution as a final step after extensive planning and thought, he prefers to show up with no idea of what to paint, and simply start with something simple, such as a squiggly line, and see where that takes him.

Such an approach often leads to unexpected juxtapositions and arrangements of ideas and concepts. While his work is often described as surrealistic and abstract, he believe they are actually very figurative, but often describe concrete things that are just hard to put into words. Also, dreams are but one source which he draws ideas from.

Youngspeak lives and works in New York City. He grew up on the east coast, went to school in Chicago and aspire someday to live somewhere with good year-round warm weather. When he was younger, he also lived in China and Singapore

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