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My drawings and paintings allow me the tools to create any world I can imagine. Over time, my characters have become complex individuals with well-developed back-stories, interesting personalities, and their own relationships and problems in their world. They embark on larger-than-life adventures in which they can choose to either save or destroy the world.
As the character’s and their experiences develop they become entangled in an all too recognizable and twisted dance. Their response to the obstacles created by the constraints of social norms and personal identity struggles drive their narratives.
I hope with time, my works will evolve into a multitude of different media, brought together by specific themes, meanings and tales. As I continue in my research and production I will continue to pursue these concepts through art and in this process I hope to become a person completely comfortable with my own identity. Through my narratives, I am able to express my ideals and tell my stories in ways that hopefully engage, and challenge the beliefs and expectations of my audience.

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