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Jason’s art explores the natural and man-made ecology as expressed in watercolor paintings. The artwork is an exploration of the environment around us and the flora and fauna that inhabit both the natural and man-made parts of it, finding the hidden objects, colors, and unseen wonders that hide in plain sight. Direct observation, the artist’s photographic references, and memory/imagination to provide inspiration and guide for the paintings, be that landscapes, nightscapes, paintings of structures, and animals. The commentary is for the most part humorous and light-hearted but speaking to what around us is so special and deserves our admiration, care, and protection.

Jason Vukovich is a painter and sculptor whose work features the nature world but includes portraiture and man-made structures and has been shown across the U.S. Primarily a watercolorist, he works in many different medium.
He lives with his family in Anchorage, Alaska.

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