Profile for Damir Martic

In my early age i was always interested in creating and expressing myself. Back in the school i start drawing, and sing in quiere, Crating was escape for me, at that time i didn't like reality so much. When i was 14 years old i had group art show, the theme of exhibition (comics, drawing with ink) elementary school. My dreams was going to art school, but sometimes reality and dreams just cant go together. . Art was always in my mind, after high school life was taking me in many places and i learn a lot but nothing about better understanding of art. Then i discovered new world of creation... the digital world of art...I have started learning everything by myself, it was a new way for expressing and creating.Constantly trying to be better, so I hope we gonna have a great time together.Wha media i like to juse? I love digital drawing, photomanipulation to create something new from photo, or mix of drawing and photo in one, art has to be fun, art is expressing your self the way you can, do what ever brings you joy and happines and never ever give up.

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