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Hi, I'm Valentyna Mohylei (1993), Ukrainian artist. As I remember, I have always loved handmade! Ceramics, different jewelry, wood burning, and more! But always my soul returns to the drawing ... always! P/S. I'm a designer by education)) Before pregnancy, I used paints for the drawing , looking for my technique.
2 years ago I have started drawing digital illustrations and looking for my own recognizable style. And recently, I looked at my favorite art  called "Marriage" (2018), that was drawn by paints, and I idea came up to my mind, why not transfer my style from the paintings to digital. So I continued drawing my favorite "Winged eyes".
I love to combine fantasy with fashion! Now I'm a freelance illustrator, I plan to launch several author's projects! My dream is to create something significant for the World, become inspiration guide and develop arts vibrations! After all, as you know, "the one who changes the World always shines brightly"! Let's shine brightly together!

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