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Profile for Tricia Loren

I'm 24 years old, I am an artist passionate about art since my childhood, I always had trouble communicating with people, making friends has always been difficult for me. Art is a way to escape my daily life, this medium allows me to express myself differently than by speech. That's why my drawings are so expressive, I always knew how to breathe a soul to each character or portrait that I realized. This ability has always been one of my great strengths that people have admired. I followed a 2 years training in 2D / 3D animation but unfortunately I do not have a great artistic background, since I have never integrated a real art school, I do not have a diploma. The only knowledge I have, been acquired by my neighbor who is an art teacher. I am also an independent artist in digital art, I learned my techniques by myself in this area. To make myself known through my works is my biggest dream since my youth as well as to encourage other artists to pursue their dream. One of my biggest goals would be to publish an art book in couple of years to share some of my techniques and experiences and to be a source of inspiration for people around the world. My biggest quest is to find my true essence through my creativity
I really hope you'll enjoy my art

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