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Tomas Honz graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, but studied also Chinese painting and caligraphy at the Taipei National University of Arts and illustration at The Art Department in the US.
He used to work as a conceptual designer and matte painter in the entertainment industry, but quit after a serious accident. Desire to stay independent and to work only on his own projects has been his drive ever since.
Nowadays Tomas is an established artist known for merging traditional painting with modern technology. Tomas believes that an artist, before he starts to speak his message, should spend time out there, exploring the world. And he does exactly that. His hunger for aquiring deeper insight into things makes him constantly travel around the globe. Equiped with sketchbook, portable oils or watercolors, he captures impressions on the go. "These plein air paintings are like memories. Easily the most valuable things that I have." Tomas says. Later in his Prague studio, he uses these as foundaitions upon which to create mysterious digital paintings or larger oil canvases that radiate feelings of silence, tension and expectation.

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