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Profile for Marischa Becker

My name is Marischa Becker, a Digital Artist from Johannesburg South Africa, born in 1993

I Started discovering art from December 2017 as before this I was a portrait Photographer. Experimenting on Photoshop brought forward a whole new life path I wanted to pursue and I went all into it. I found my passion and all I want to do is create and become better in my craft and in my passion.

I started off as a photo manipulation artist and in February 2021 I decided to grow more into my art and learned 3D as well, now I combine both 2D and 3D tools to create the art I am passionate about.

I love to tell stories through my art, sometimes I have a colorful and light story to tell and other times I have deeper and darker stories I want to tell. My art is always constantly developing and changing. The future looks bright and I am excited to see where my journey goes. As an artist I am here for the long run. This is my journey and I have so much stories to tell.

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