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I always wanted to be a Fantasy Illustrator since I was very young.
This genre, together with the Sci-Fi, is a very big part of my life.
Books like “The Hobbit”, but also movies like Conan the Barbarian, the whole Star Wars saga, brought me to long distant worlds, and let me to meet weird creatures, dragons, fairies, demons and warriors. I never stopped to bring my mind outside the borders of reality.
There is where my mind crafts my stories, there is where my eyes point to, every single day.

As everyone can imagine, my journey has been (and still is)very long and tortuous.
I remember how difficult giving birth to a clear idea I had in my mind was.
I felt excitement and whipping senses of failure at almost the same time.
I’ve been really frustrated because of this, but I never gave up, especially when I started going to the Art’s school in my town, where I achieved my Diploma of Maestro d’Arte in 2005 and Decorazione Pittorica in 2007.
The same year I gave birth to my daughter Ares Tiziana and married Marco, stopping my studies for a little while, but thanks to this I could better think about my future and what I want to do.
I have choosed to study by myself rather than going to a local university, so I have started collecting books from great masters like Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo and Andrew Loomis. I focused my studies on oil and acrylic colours, the human anatomy and colour theories, together with all the other techniques and the secret tricks a fantasy illustrator should need.

The last 8 years I had chance to use graphic tablets and to play with the digital art, which speeded up my understanding of the fantasy themes and subjects a lot, but especially let me to get jobs for book covers, role game manuals and cards, music bands’ artworks and portraits.

One of my most important artworks I’ve made was for the band Memento Waltz, where my husband sings. I made the artwork for Brain Journey, Antithesis of Time and Division by Zero.
I’m also a bass player so I’m always happy to realize artworks for bands. It’s an amazing inspiration.

In a very difficult 2014 I moved into the UK because of the Italian crisis, but soon I realized one of my dreams was becoming real. I’m now working here and soon I’ll start to study in one of most prestigious universities in the UK, the Westminster Academy, Art Illustration and Visual Communication.

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