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“I was born into a farmer’s family in Kondakomarla, in Andhra Pradesh, a small village that
oozes bucolic charm. I grew up with the smells of my mother’s cooking wafting through the
house at all times. She continues to be a marvellous cook even today and her dishes are
always infused with that signature ingredient - love. My father was my biggest mentor and
inspiration, always pushing me to achieve my dreams.

My village is like an extension of my beautiful family, and spending my childhood in this
idyllic place instilled in me a tremendous love of nature and everything visual. My love for
imagery grew stronger thanks to my family whose favourite pastime was huddling around
and flipping through well-thumbed photo albums. As a child, the nostalgic smiles, the peals
of laughter, and the teary-eyed reminiscences of people much loved, and long gone made a
deep impression on me.
During weddings, I would grab cameras from the hands of relatives and run around clicking
pictures trying to capture that same happiness and love I saw on my family’s faces. In 2017,
my father gifted me a smartphone and that’s when I truly began capturing more of the world
around me. Today, my gear has expanded to include a Google Pixel 3A and a Nikon D3500
but my inspirations remain the same. And that’s my home and family, the earth and the
farmland around me, and the smiling faces of the people in my village.
My photography is impressionistic, and focuses on discovering the rustic beauty of the
culture and the land that I grew up in. On voicing values that I firmly believe in - like being
kind to animals and to the planet. On telling the stories that my beloved village whispers to
I believe that photography helps me hold on to not just memories, but also truly positive and
personal experiences that I would like to share with the world. Because they make me
happy. And, as Christopher McCandless said, ‘Happiness is only real when shared.’

I am grateful for the support given by the Damien Center ‘Ja Te Volim’ Art Gallery, and i am honoured to be a small part of it.”

Narasimha is a self-taught fine art photographer and holds a Bachelor’s degree in
Electronics and Communication Engineering. His family, consisting of his mother and elder
brother, is his world. His father passed away recently but Narasimha continues to chase his
dreams just as his father taught him to.

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