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I attended college at Allegany College of Maryland and graduated with two degrees (one in Applied Technical Studies and another in Multimedia Technology). I received a Certificate in Graphic Design along with a Letter of Recognition in Photography.
My past work includes logos, business cards, and brochures for small local businesses as well as some interpretive design work for Lens Creek Studios (an exhibition design and fabrication company).

I've always been drawn to comics and cartoons and while I've dabbled with different styles - from abstract to realism - I feel my strength lies in creating black and white illustrations both traditionally and digitally.

I am the published author of CATFISH, an LGBT comic (the first issue was released March 2020). I also create standalone illustrations where I try to convey a story or theme that inspires me or impacts me in some way.

I'm a very introspective person, and even my work that seems silly or whimsical has a deeper meaning to myself. These pieces usually are a result of whatever hardships I am experiencing at the time. Sometime one just has to draw a giant pile of cats in costumes to get through a tough day. Laughter is the best medicine... Or so I've heard.

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