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Lives and works in Albuquerque and has been exhibiting her paintings in New York, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, and local galleries and museums for over 20 years. Recently she was awarded the New Mexico acclaimed artist Grant. Her works are in the collection of the University of New Mexico, The County of Bernalillo as well as many other private collections around the State and country.

Tara Massarsky –short statement
My work over the years has evolved around the same core tenet, that the energy that surrounds us, simply is “us”. I work around the theme of interconnectedness by exploring through various series cycles and applying an abstractionist viewpoint. I am always exploring how to visually express as a world and as a species we are intertwined and connected on a deep level energetically. I work as a rule in acrylic and mixed media, and for the most part, my work is large scale. I explore within my themes and challenge myself while pushing my pieces to what I find is their ultimate potential. In doing so I hope to allow the viewer to participate in the unfolding process.

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