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This shop is the only way of ordering prints from me. If you like any of my pieces from other sites, just let me know and I'll upload them here. I love people having my art on their walls!

It is also the best print-on-demand store I've found in terms of reputational quality and money paid back to artists. But, realistically, I've never made all that many sales here, so I don't bother to keep the shop updated. And it's not something I use for actual income, so I keep the prices cheaper than Inprnt recommends.

What I'm saying is: get the art if you want it! Do not get it as a roundabout way of supporting my art career! If that's your goal, you can commission me to do a digital portrait, or adapt your fave holiday photo for the same cost as buying a framed print and having it shipped to you. (And you can always print that commission at your local print shop later, if you want a hard copy.)

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