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Hello, My Name is Jorge Alejandro Castellanos Paz, but to make things easier, I go by stupidgiant. (no caps no space)

A little about myself, I was born and raised in Honduras, I like to call it the belly button of America. I am a self-taught artist, with anything and everything I could find on YouTube or Reddit.

My journey started with an interest in art as a child, but after going to a couple of art classes and losing my sketchbook I got discouraged.
I entered university studying Graphic Design but after 2 semesters quickly realized it wasn't what I expected.
So there was always this interest but for one thing or another, I didn't pursue it.

2 years later, after a night of wasting time on YouTube, I discovered a tutorial series about creating art, and the spark was light again.
I started to draw from my phone... abstract pieces. Mostly to lose the nervousness about creating again. I would only show it to a select few persons of my trust.

Fast forward to today:
My work now is mainly 3d, after almost 2 years of working from my phone I decided I need better equipment. Now I mainly work on Blender (Not only free but very powerful)

My style has evolved and now I do surrealist 3d illustrations, inspired by my day-to-day life, with a hint of comedic exaggeration and self-deprecation

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