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SMN would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about this noble and heartfelt project.
My talents for depicting the voluptuous female form were honed during my youth in the garages, gas stations, and adult magazines, when women of size were more commonly seen as nude models on calendars and photo spreads, and their depictions were more of an art form and less pornography. I also found inspiration in the works of artists like Varga, George Petty, Gil Elvgren, Sorayama, Frazetta, and Frank Thorne... like minded souls whose depictions of the female form tended toward the Reubenesque and elegant, while retaining a feminine stature and strength.
This love continued into my twenties, when I became an illustrator and adult comic book artist. As an airbrush artist, I churned out dozens of beautiful women as the sole focus of my work. During the height of this successful heyday, my body of work came to a halt, deemed pornographic and crass by someone very close to me, and I abandoned my work in this genre for over two decades.
Today, with the love and guidance of a new and incredibly supportive, nurturing relationship, a powerful creative outlet that had once been blocked off and left for dead has now risen from the ashes with a renewed energy and a more mature direction... a bold new mission that is at once both deeply sensual and undeniably feminist.

​Not every woman is a size 2 - statistically speaking, most simply cannot be so - but that standard is nevertheless pushed onto 100% of all women as the norm.

Not every woman has the metabolism nor the means to transform their bodies into what are essentially unrealistic and impossible beauty standards.

Not every woman can ever hope to ever achieve this perceived "normal"... nevertheless, most women are the unwitting victims of a slavering, vicious PR machine driven by the fashion and fitness conglomerate, whose financial success depends exclusively on pointing out a woman's 'flaws' for enormous profit, while lowering the collective self-esteem of women worldwide, and reaping the profits made by creating false hopes and unrealistic body standards that can never be attained by the vast majority.

No woman deserves to be shamed for their predisposition to size... but they are increasingly told that their curves are not only ugly, but unhealthy as well, through a culture of ridicule and anger that comes from a collective lack of sisterhood and mutual respect, perpetuated by the few women lucky enough to be genetically and naturally predisposed to such lofty beauty standards, and driven by their own fragile lack of self esteem.

No woman of size should ever be ashamed of her beauty.

Every woman is beautiful.

Every woman is someone's goddess.

I am SMN, an artist whose genre has evolved into a passion for freeing the beauty that exists within all women of size and carriage... those whose bodies are most reviled and shamed by traditional fashion and beauty standards. I have dedicated my personal creations to elevate the voluptuous female form from the constraints placed on it by false standards and fat shaming.

​My renderings celebrate an artistic and sensual freedom for those disenfranchised by societal norms and conceits, and seek to turn back the clock to more realistic and natural feminine body images; to highlight the essential earth-mother that was the norm for thousands of years... curves, hips, pendulous breasts; wrinkles, cellulite and bellies... and to reclaim the natural earth-mother beauty that reflects standards beyond those held by proponents of waif thin and flat chested; of starvation diets and plastic surgery.

​I want to reclaim the onus of physical beauty from those who dangle their visions of physical perfection over our heads in a desperate grab for our wilting self-worth and money. To reclaim beauty and sexuality to those who have been brainwashed into believing that zaftig and voluptuous are qualities that are neither healthy nor attractive. To redefine the beauty that is the large female of today, and put that queen squarely back onto the throne where she rightfully deserves to be worshiped...

...​and, I would love your patronage and support to help me achieve this goal.

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