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Too much motivation to make the experience easier — one more scourge in the Sims 4. if before the line searched for as a real simulator regarding soul, the next part, thanks to every one of the principles, ends up being more like a vintage competition of games. Heroes zero longer have to call up a car to go to work on moment — currently Ken dashes headed for their task straight from your Barbie house with journalists an individual close from the interface. Vocation, mum or dad, domestic existence, parties-all this has grow to be like a little ridiculous online game, basic, evident, and in many cases somewhat comparable to simple fact. The Sims, as well as before understandable and manageable near any housewife, inside 4th part fully overlooked just how in order to pitch the gambler no less than a few obstacle — any chosen purpose ends up being accomplished so speedily as it can be, with virtually zero difficulties on the component. In spite of the name regarding "amusement for Housewives", the Sims sequences hath got always interested "major" gamblers: as a result of chance to stay somebody else's life.

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