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I enjoy the representational as well as the abstract. I am inspired by everything from nature, to fantasy art, anatomy, poetry, mythology, and psuedo-sciences like alchemy as well as thousands of other sources. I keep an open mind about art and my direction therein. I want to create pieces that are enjoyable at face value, but that are also imbued with deeper meaning and intriguing symbolism for those inclined to think in such ways. It is my belief that there is a perfect balance in the abstract realm for this type of thinking, but I prefer to maintain a body of work that has several different divisions of subject matter rather than completely consigning myself to a single sub-section of art.

I am from Appalachia, Kentucky to be specific, and in recent years my poetry has sought to pay homage to this part of my heritage that I've neglected. I have felt the urge to do the same with my art. Just like my poetry I want to not only pay tribute, but to bring something unique from my other areas of interest - especially those of mythology.

John Dyer Baizley, Aaron Turner, Steve Prescott, John Pike, Alan Lee, Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta

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