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Profile for Samaneh Hajjaran

My name is Samaneh Hajjaran, I was born in 1984 in Tehran.
Holder of BA in visual communications from Art University of Shiraz, professional photographer, graphic designer and of course, violinist.
To tell you of my hobbies, I am interested in classical music, I read a lot and reading is one of my hobbies, I am a dreamer and love travelling in my own style.
Since adolescence, because of my passion for art, especially graphics, in a decisive action in 2000 and after taking the entrance exam for Conservatory of Visual Arts For Girls In Tehran, I was admitted in the Conservatory as one of the 50 chosen students. Afterwards, I continued my studies in the same field in Bachelor’s Degree program at Shiraz University of Art. In 2010, I graduated with my thesis on “The Importance of Form in Aesthetics of Advertising Photography”. Thus, I entered the world of professional photography because of my passion for photography.
Today marks my 8th year of entering the world of professional photography. More than wanting to let you know in which genres I have been active, since you can see my work in each section; I want to tell you of how my current point of view and perspective on photography and the mission of photography has grown a lot and is quite different compared to those early days of my joining to this profession, being more solidly founded.

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