Profile for Bruce Rolff

I'm an artist, in New Jersey, just outside of New York City. I live with my cat Jinks and the newer member of our family Tigger. I have been creating since I was a child. I first started making little 3-legged figurines with removable heads and little dioramas of Egyptian tombs. Later as a teen with many compliments and encouragement from my art teacher I was making metal sculptures, later minimalist abstracts on paper, then abstracts with spray paint and pastels. I won a few awards here and there and sold my images at various art fairs and festivals. I did some paintings too by brush, mostly minimalist stuff. I also have been interested in photography throughout my adult years. Again, selling my images at art fairs and festivals. Again winning a few awards. While I am a very introverted person who spends much of my time alone I used to love the festivals. It was great to see and hear people appreciate my work. Especially when they liked it enough to spend money for it to decorate their homes and offices. Eventually, I learned to use computers and software to create and manipulate images. Which now makes up the bulk of my work. Creative Process: Many of my images come about really quite organically. I often start with an idea and while in the midst of creating I often have more ideas for variations or even completely new ideas. It’s very organic in many cases. It just flows from one to another. In the past, I was known to sometimes stay up working hour after hour sometimes after the sun has risen well into the next day. I seem to do a quite a bit less of that then I used to. I’m always exploring and trying new things and I like to push things to the edges of what they are capable of and sometimes using them in ways the creators may not have fully intended. One of my styles that I have created and have been repeated by some folk is the spiritual, ethereal, cosmic look that is laced through a tremendous amount of my work.