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Tixit Bio
Hello world , Im known as Brian " TixiT" Lim. Self taught illustrator and art geek.Since young i discover art by MTV and animation though out 80's and 90's. I studied Graphic Design at In-House Academy of Multimedia & Design.
I have work in animation for 7 year but i left for pursuiting freelancing in illustration for 3 year. Though out the year i have create my own merch and t-shirt design under TIXIT design and attending convention and art market locally.

Design Philosophy
Since young i want to understand what is like to be a free adult that you can make your own choices. But after i begin my adulthood i have found out that there is not much freedom per say that you have bolt yourself down to responsibility and peer pressure .
In the end you are no different than a machine. A soul lock in a steel case. I want to give a message in my art that represent modern day that to free your mind and body from negativity and discover your humanity.

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