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Chloe is an Illustrator and visual development artist from Portland, Oregon.
Her upbringing in the lush landscape of Oregon taught her to take inspiration from the world around her and to find illustration magic in everyday life. In 2019 she received her BFA from Portland State University, where she was also the fifth recipient of the prestigious Deinum Prize. Chloe has been enjoying life as a freelance illustrator since 2020.
Chloe’s work tends to embody a saturated and magical realm where anything is possible. As an artist working in digital media, Chloe enjoys approaching projects with strong shapes and textures. She combines these elements with a vivid sense of light and color to establish a unique style that emphasizes the vibrancy of life. Chloe believes that the best recipe for good work includes copious amounts of joy and curiosity.
On the weekends, Chloe enjoys playing intramural softball with her husband, Joshua, and catering to the every need of her cat, Furguson (whom she fondly refers to as her art assistant).

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