Profile for Marianata A. Sylvaince

Marianata A. Sylvaince, preferentially from her artist names, Sam or Muhreah, is a 21-year-old writer, blogger, poet, and a digital artist. She was born and raised in Jacmel, Haiti. However, she currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Muhreah is a writer, painter and digital artist. When it comes to art, she tries to dabble into a little bit of everything, until she makes up her mind about her desired Art major.

On Muhreahs’ blog, you will find poetry, her artwork, short stories, and written articles. She uses her platform to help shine the light on other creatives, like herself. She takes pride in her ability to feel more in-depth than others, to express herself without the fear of vulnerability or judgment. Therefore, she writes and creates for herself and others. She creates and writes to let her readers, those who relate to her poems, stories, and artwork, know they’re not alone.