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Sumie-e has several points in common with martial arts, besides his belonging to Zen philosophy, the practice participates to the research of inner peace. Today, i still feel beginner and i want to stay like this because i still would like to discover, try and search. « The spirit of the beginner contents a lot of possibilities, the spirit of the expert contents just a few.» Shunryu Suzuki, Zen master Sumi-e exists since the 8th century in Japan. This technique of painting in wash is unknown in the West. It is to paint a pattern in a few lines to let the mind imagine the rest. This is a work around the white emptiness where the error has no place. The subjects represented at this times were mainly plants, landscapes and animals. I mixed this Asian technique to Western technic. In despite of the dilution, the pressure, the gesture my graphic representation remains European. Just like practicing a martial art, each sumi-e practitioner has his own way to use it, like any art, everyone has their way to see it, to make it. "The victory is fleeting and failure never ends." Master Tran Huu Ha What i have learned over the years is that in my search of the perfect line, my path has no end.