Profile for Pierre-Paul Pariseau

Pierre-Paul Pariseau is an artist and illustrator working for a wide range of international clients. He exhibits his personal work regularly, internationally.

Evoking currents of surrealism and pop art, the creative work of Pariseau invites us into a world of images where everything is possible.

Awards include :
Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles (Illustration West 58), U.S.A.
Creative Quarterly magazine (U.S.A.) #16, #21, #26, #34, #57 and #58.
Gosee Awards finalist, 2014, finalist. 2019, Merit. (Berlin, Germany).
Bridgeman studio awards 2018 (U.K.), Shortlisted
One of the winners of the HIII illustration international competition (China) 2017.
Semi-Permanent (Australia) 2008, 2017.
Latin American Ilustracion 3.
Creative Quarterly magazine (U.S.A.) #16, #21, #26, #34, #57 and #58.
C.A.P.I.C. (Canada), 13 times.
Images (Best of British Illustration), #24, #25.
The Society of Illustrators (U.S.A.), #38.

Special publications :

“The illustrator, 100 best from around the world”, Taschen, 2019.
“200 Best Illustrators Worldwide” (Austria, U.S.A.), 2011-2012, 2014-2015, 2016-2017 and 2018-2019.
“Pictoria” (Australia), a visual survey of contemporary commercial and self initiated illustration projects from some of the best practicing illustrators worldwide, 2018.
“Freistil - Die Besten Illustratoren 2014”, “Freestyle - The Best Illustrators 2014” (Germany), published by Freistil, 2014.“Illustration 2, the best of contemporary illustration” (Germany), 2012.