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Profile for The Paintful's Law

Some people drink. Some people gamble. And some people paint. “I paint, therefore I am PAINTFUL.”

The Paintful’s Law is not for the logical minds. Spontaneous and recurring, one goes on drawing under the law and never gets tired.

From illustration mini-books that go with capsule toys to publications and gadgets created for the Tin K9U Club, which she is a loyal member and supporter of, works of The Paintful’s Law appear in any form you can imagine. Shifting between the statuses of a painter, a graphic designer, and a Tin Kau enthusiast, the artist essentially calls herself a full time dreamer.

While the mischievous Fei Mui (fat girl) – one of the first characters she created – is gradually stepping away, her latest works focus on evoking mystical and spiritual sensations, a reflection of her growing interests in mysteriology, mythology, religion and all kinds of unresolved events in the world.

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