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Nuno Perestrelo (Lisbon, 1988) is a Portuguese photographer and image editor based in Girona, Spain. Educated in Communication and Journalism, he has lived and worked in Portugal, Sweden and Spain, where he recently won the grant for PhotoEspaña’s master program. He first started out as a journalist, writing for Portuguese local and national media. In 2010 he devotes himself to photography, combining ever since personal projects along with commissioned work.

In his work Nuno is moved by the metaphysical relationship between humankind, nature and the unconditional processes of time. He uses mainly the photographic medium and its paradoxical and mechanical relation with time and death. As an author Nuno is intrigued by the different moments in history and its intersections with our everyday life. He’s intrigued by its portions of fantasy but also of truth. He’s interested in such interlocution, such tension between those spaces of collective memory and the present in which our identity, our values are formed.

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