Profile for Adrian Foster

I'm Adrian Nightfrost Foster and I'm the Chief Illustrator at Nightfrost Studios. I'm well known for my unique dark fantasy style and my incredible attention to details that brings my work to life. The focus and energy I put into each piece shines through consistently, no matter the subject and this can be shown through my impressive portfolio.

​My traditional Biro style got me to work on a series of different projects . In the early stages of my career I've demonstrated plenty of potential and skill, and got my traditional illustration work published in a book called "Video Production: Putting Theory Into Practice" by Ian Wynd and Steve Dawkins.

My original passion for the traditional style of drawing dwindled, I wanted something more than just drawing in ink pen style. During my time at University I was introduced to the digital painting style by my friend "Toon Hoon" who is known in Malaysia for his impressive and beautiful anime style illustrations.

I was inspired and keen to learn more about the digital art world that I've spent a great deal of time learning independently and developing my own unique style, and honing my skill set along with it.

I've worked hard to pushes myself beyond my own limits to always create something new and spectacular.

My digital illustrations quickly grew in the social media, making my illustrations reach between 10,000 views to a massive 200,000 + , having some of the biggest Facebook pages and website share some of my work, from The Het Nationale Ballet - Dutch National Ballet all the way to the National Geographic, making me one the fastest growing Illustrators.

After a few years of Digital Painting I wanted to evolve and develop a new style that would set me apart from other artists. I started to mix my traditional pen style with digital drawing to create digital ink illustrations. Ever since I was introduced this new style, I have gained more attention, followers and clients. A high volume of clients are eager to work closely with me in hope to have one of my designs. With such high level of work demand I'm constantly working around the clock enjoying creating unique fantasy art.