Profile for Néstor abraham Hernández

Monterrey artist, dentist, fan of other branches of art and politics.
The city of Monterrey saw him born in the year 1988. From the age of two he began to draw the characters he saw in the cartoons, from the age of five he knew the comics and it was his greatest inspiration to make the drawings of he. As he grew older, he dedicated himself less and less and when he entered college he completely stopped doing it. He graduated from the UANL School of Dentistry, in his undergraduate and master's degrees in Advanced Dentistry.
He rediscovered his passion for art until 2019, when a friend told him to give it a try again, as he saw some drawings he had done in the past. Starting to paint in oil, which was what caught his attention the most, he has been painting since 2019. What he most likes to capture on canvas is the beauty of the female figure, but he is also struck by making surrealist works. He has participated in collective galleries in his native Monterrey and in Valencia, Spain. he has also been participating in auctions and in other galleries. His main influences are Alex Ross, Rembrandt, Picasso, Anna Marinova, to name a few.

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