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“Let me introduce you to my “internal puppets”.
They have been with me since my earliest dreams, and began to take shape on paper more than half a century ago. They have shared the different moods of my mind and like my music, they represent my deepest and nameless feelings, beyond the language of words.
The endless work of learning through one's own practice and the illiterate knowledge obtained by gazing, continues to fill the hours of my daily life in a volitional practice, almost unconscious.
As you will notice, my intention is not to replicate the physical realm, but rather to communicate the feeling or sense that there is something beyond.
Like my music, I believe that my artwork is emotional, intuitive, visceral, energetic and exciting to the eye of the beholder.”

Jorge Heilpern was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Romanian and Polish parents and lives in the States for many years, mostly in Woodstock NY, New York City, Washington DC and now in Miami and Queens NY
He has been awarded an Emmy for music work for an NBC television show, performed at the Woodstock Festival 1994, toured all over the United States, South America and Europe and released various records.

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