I am an Artist and Freelance Stock Photographer who has spent a number of years living between Ireland and London freelancing for various companies doing commercial shoots and also working with actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company doing personal portraits. I returned to Ireland where I Joined Jerry & Johanna Kennellys Stockbyte in 2002 where i learned all there is to know about Retouching and Photoshop skills. I am married with three children in the beautiful scenic west of Ireland, in Ballybunion County Kerry.
My Creations are a way for me to tell a story & evoke a feeling that i hope will be encouraging & Spiritual, to make the familiar appear unfamiliar, to capture the beauty in the mundane. And that when viewed, people, even if for a small moment will loose themselves within the image. I am intrigued by the endless possibilities of virtual digital technology fused with the real world materials of paper, paint & other materials. A Self taught Photographer and artist, using the realism of Photography as the foundation & starting point of my work & then useing computer software as my paintbrush to make alterations, to exagerate & enhance, to make extreme and unusual changes. To manipulate light, tone & colour and to sometimes add layers of paint and other raw materials to give depth and feeling to my Art and to follow my Heart as there are no boundaries in my Creativity. I love to see how i can add to my origanal photograph and make a story come alive from that same image. Above all my images do not have to be understood to be enjoyed.

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