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I'm an animator by profession and an illustator by passion. For me drawing and animation are to side of the same coin.

I've grew up with the Disney's movies. During my years of study i felt in love with the work of John Howe and I wanted to become an illustrator like him. But the day I first put two key on a timeline and saw the pixels come to life in front of me, I knew what I was to do for the rest of my life. If a good drawing is pure beauty, a good animation is pure magic.

I'm a big disney fan ofcourse, I love the work of Miyazaki, and all the animated feature from Dreamworks an Pixar. I'm very oriented heroic fantasy, fairy tale and Sience fiction.

I got very luky to be hired at Bioware to work on Mass Effect. Having a job I like and that let me some free time to folow my other passions is the most important thing to me.

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