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I'm Micah! Nice to meet you. I'm a professional illustrator and cartoonist. I'm the artist for the comic Soldier/Sailor, a gay superhero romance, and the creator of the Strapping Lads D&D 5th Edition Supplement. I'm also the colorist for Alex Priest, Genderqueer Vampire Hunter, published by Arledge Comics.

As an illustrator, I focus a lot on male pin-up art and sensuality. I'm heavily inspired by classic and retro pin-ups, and I like to translate a lot of those concepts to male characters in my work. I'm also inspired by American comic art, and that carries over into a lot of my illustrations, whether pin-ups or not. My aim is to create sexy art that enhances the character's story rather than simply being fanservice.

I hope you like what you find, and if you're interested in seeing more, you can check out my portfolio at

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