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I was born in 1969 and I live in Thessaloniki, Greece since then. I started working in the field of advertising and the graphic arts in 1987. In 1988, Ι established my own creative firm, “metallus graphic design”, through which Ι provide freelance services in graphic design, visual communication & photography projects.
Since 2006, I have also taught graphic design and visual communication courses at AKTO Art & Design College.

During the more than 25 years that I have been professionally active and collaborated with a wide array of private institutions, corporations, as well as public and state organizations.

My contact with the Photography field began in 80's mostly as a hobby and because a friend of mine who was a photographer, Yannis Krikis, was a strong influence to me. Ever since that time I keep taking pictures and the reason is totally personal. It just makes me feel nice. When, sometimes, my pictures create emotions and become a matter of discussion to viewers that I haven’t met before, then I feel happy.

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