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Mohammed Abd El-Hadi is a painter, graphic designer, and multidisciplinary artist. He has participated in several group exhibitions and had two solo exhibitions “Waves Against Boredom” at the Omani French Centre in January of 2014 Muscat-Oman and “Two, One, Zero” at Zara Gallery in August of 2015 Amman-Jordan, El Hadi teaches graphic design at the Scientific College of Design for many years.

Born in Kuwait to Palestinian and Syrian parents, El-Hadi’s family immigrated to Jordan in 1991 following the Iraqi invasion. In 2003, he graduated from Yarmouk University in Irbid, with a B.A in Graphic Design and went on to work as a designer for various publications. He is also author and illustrator of the book and community blog Papers on a Laundry Line, which was published in Jordan in 2002.

El-Hadi draws inspiration from his innermost understanding of universal experience, incorporating a richly nuanced style that is informed by his textured cultural background and eclectic upbringing. Ranging from the sanguine to melancholic, his work is a loud celebration of the spectrum of human existence. 

El-Hadi fuses colour and rhythm, creating bold works that speak with clarity, purpose and meaning. His characteristic use of incorporating strong lines, delicate figures, and Arabic script references his heritage, while contemporary patterns and palettes pay homage to an imagined future, incandescent with freedom and happiness. 

El-Hadi’s work conceives a world where vibrancy and expression collide with raw honesty and quiet intimacy. Through his art, he addresses topics ranging from the overtly political to the furtively private.

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