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I've been an artist since the age of four, this may sound strange to some but I've always been compelled to draw. In grade school and high school I was noticed and pushed by teachers to do my best. In eight grade I had a one-man art show, won many award in high school and swept the spring art show for illustration at Ray Vogue Commercial Art School in Chicago Illinois. Since I've been working on my art persistently on styles and techniques selling pieces now and then while being a house painter. Through this time I was always looking for something but I really didn't know what it was, at times it felt that my work was not right or whole I seemed to be missing something. It's not that my work wasn't good but I knew that to make a mark in the art world you need that certain something that makes you stand out among other good artists. Then in 2004 I had a fire in my art studio and I lost a majority of my work. This was extremely hard to overcome, if I could explain to you the depths of my heartache I would but this is the type of thing I think only the person going through it can understand. Then as if planned a few months after I got my studio up and running I found it. That certain thing that made my work feel whole some would say my voice. Before the fire I started to work in the negative or on black adding light to bring shape and contour to my work and after the fire through refinement of technique it came together.

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