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Lindsey Burcar is a self-taught artist working from her home in Milwaukee, WI. Inspired by all things fantasy and nature, beast and creature. Her travels and exploration of the natural world are a pivotal part of her life and art.

She aspires to capture those feelings of child-like wonder that nature evokes in her art, to explore emotional narratives that promote growth and healing, as well as to continue making art for the games and literature she has greatly enjoyed for years.

Her art education began at her tiny public charter high school, Arts Academy in the Woods, which believe it or not, was not actually in the woods, in Fraser, MI. Here she set the groundwork for her craft, and went on to learn from many books, tutorials, and online courses in the following years.

When not doing art, you can find her hiking, road-tripping to national parks and conventions across the country; playing video games, tabletop games, singing, whistling, and spending time with her partner, friends, and family, without whose infectious enthusiasm and love she wouldn’t have made it this far.

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