Profile for Leyton Parker

Hello, I’m Leyton, an illustrator and adventurer of sorts currently living in Portland, Or. I recently graduated with a BFA (honors) in Illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Ca.

I grew up on bike rides through the woods, makeshift tree forts, and playing in the rain. The wilderness has always been like a home to me.

Most of my time is spent drawing — people, animals, and ordinary objects — and hugging my grumpy little dachshund, Maxwell. I have a deep passion for telling stories focused around nature (land, sea and space) that attract the attention of those who are young, as much as those who are older. Creating characters and illustrations for children’s picture and young-adult books is where I thrive. I like to work intuitively, the discovery of new things — like a tiny insect, a strange rock or the way a salamander walks — inspires each project I’m involved in. The world is full of these amazing little things that can turn a boring day into something peculiar.

In the spirit of Calvin and Hobbes "There's Treasure Everywhere!"