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Omaha artist decorating walls one Scrangle at a time!

I've held a lot of jobs in my short lifetime, but I never imagined artist would be one of them. While working at a gun show for another person's small business, I started drawing to pass the time between customers. I'd never been great at drawing objects or people, so I started doodling some random shapes and patterns just so I'd have something to do. The more I worked on these "random" shapes and patterns, the more everything seemed to fit and flow perfectly together. I received many comments from customers, artists and gun enthusiasts alike, and decided that maybe there was something to my doodles.

I don't create my Scrangles to have a specific message, or cater to a particular group of people. I don't want to evoke a specific emotion or convince people to save the whales. I just want you to look at my art and start thinking in a different, more abstract way. Think of it as cloud-watching on paper; let your mind drift and just enjoy the paper adventure for a while.

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