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I was born and raised in northern Israel; the youngest of 3 children, with an older sister and brother. My love for taking pictures started soon after I became a man –at the age of 13, after celebrating my Bar Mitzvah.- After this I took a trip to Greece and, using my sister’s camera, I took my first snapshots, and first steps towards what I wanted to become; a photographer. Not very long after, I bought my own camera. I have lived (as a child) in Australia, witnessed the beauty of South Africa, ventured through the streets of many European cities, trekked through the mountains of northern India, and explored much of the United States. Throughout this journey, I have strived to capture the light, the essence, of what makes us who we are. By taking pictures of awe-inspiring nature and the struggles of the streets I hope to find, document, and archive our world’s cultures and landscapes. I have lived most of my adult life as a nomad, traveling from country to country, in hopes to discover, and share, the common denominator of our existence as humans. This travel has led me to study at one of the best photography schools in Colorado,-- which has been my hub for exploring the Western United States--, I just finished exploring Vietnam and am currently traveling Europe.

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