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My name is Roslyakov Konstantin. I was born in Tyumen, Russia where I still live to this day. From the age of one I began to draw pictures and show an interest in art. At six I started studying the balalaika (a traditional Russian string instrument) which helped me to broaden and enrich my creative interests. I graduated from university in 2013 with Bachelor's in Visual Art Studies.

Plots of my drawings are related to the themes of human thoughts, ideas and memory. I like to create a laconic and allegorical images.

My artistic awareness developed in the house where I live and work, which sits on the outskirts of my hometown adjacent to the historic and industrial areas. The window of my studio overlooks a horizon rich with trees and bushes, pylons and cables, rooftops and hills. It was this atmosphere which helped me to become extremely attentive to seemingly trivial details in my surroundings even at first glance. I learned that there is nothing to fear in the image, since all that is complex consists of simpler parts. You know, even a sprawling beach is made of tiny grains of sand. With time and perseverance, hard work and diligence, a positive mood and extreme focus you can capture and portray whatever it is that you want to.

One element of my neighborhood which made a particularly lasting impression on me was THE PRESENCE of radio towers. As a boy I spent of lot of time there, imagining that from this place all human thought, knowledge, ideas, feelings and memories could be broadcasted across the planet with the help of radio waves. It was there that I first conceived the idea of portraying characters who personify all this surrounded by the invisible waves.

I’m fond of walking in the woods and fields, and spending time at rivers and lakes. Anything to get outside of the town where I can set my heart to drawing and be totally tranquil with my thoughts.

People who inspired me:

Glenn Gould - pianist
Bohuslav Martinu - composer
Isaac van Ostade - painter
Alexander Agricola - composer
Jordi Savall - musician
Bela Tarr - director
Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin (Boards of Canada) - musicians
Bohumil Hrabal - writer
Simeon ten Holt - composer
Emile Zola - writer
Jacques Brel - musician
Skott Morgan (loscil) - musician
Yasujiro Ozu - director
Geir Jenssen (Biosphere) - musician

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