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Andrey Kolosov born July 29, 1955 in Moscow. In 1972, he began working as an artist (graphic designer) at the All-Union Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics; engaged in the design of vinyl records in the studio of the gramophone record "Melody" ... Since 1976, he began to work as a freelance artist, and exhibited in the halls on Malaya Gruzinskaya. Priority areas: photography, calligraphy, silk-screen printing, heliography, ceramics, video art. He created his own photography course at the National Institute of Design.

Personal exhibitions and projects:
● 2015 - Permanent exposition in the exhibition space of TU “Guslitsa”, project “Nirvana” (a series of works performed using the blue-print technique)
● 2008 - Gallery on Red October
● 2007 - Made a special video art program “Sky”. The Second Moscow Biennale. The project "Believe", "Winery". Curator: Oleg Kulik.
● 2007 - pavilion "COSMOS", VDNH, curated by Konstantin Kosenkov
● 2006 - Personal exhibition in the club "HOUSE"
● 2003 - “Cinema Veterans House”, made a special video art program
● 1999 - "The Roof Gallery"
● 1993 - Marat Gelman Gallery
● 1992 - IMA Press Gallery

Group exhibitions and projects:
● 2017 - “Developed. Unmanifest” (joint exhibition. Andrey Kolosov. Kamilla Lubart)
● 2016 - participant of the parallel program of the Biennale, TU “Guslitsa” - “Contrary to expectations”, curated by Maria Poluektova
● 2015 - participant of the parallel program of the Biennale in the Technical University “Guslitsa” - “Horizontal.” Curators: Anton Nikolaev, Anna Tretyakova, Mikhail Plohotsky.

● 2014 - participation in the media project of the AEC + F "Inverted World" group
● 2014, December - Moscow Saturnalia, Marat Gelman Gallery, Winery.
● december 2013, march 2014 - Moscow Saturnalia, Moskhaos, (curators: Sergey Anufriev, Dan Kryuchkov, Hermes Zaygott)
● 2013 - the Mysteriograph festival, ARTPLAY, the Mystery of the Song of Solomon, video art performance (German Vinogradov, Kamilla Lubart)
● 2013-2019 - “Hieroglyphs of Life and Death” - photo project. A series of joint photo shoots. Photographer - Andrey Kolosov. Model - Kamilla Lubart.
● 2012 - “Phenomenon” festival, ARTPLAY, the mystery “Song of Solomon's Songs”, video art performance (German Vinogradov, Kamilla Lubart)
● 2007 - “Rampus” festival, House of the Commune (curators: Svyatoslav Ponomarev, Juliana Bachmanova)
● 2006 - Sakharov Center, special video art program
● 1997 - Bleeding of Spring, or Sacred Spring, or Jauss. Exhibition Hall on Malaya Gruzinskaya, Moscow. (curated by German Vinogradov)

Fate gave this amazing person both childhood in the center of quiet Moscow during the thaw, and the times of the star chart poster artist. For the Moscow artistic community, the name of Andrei Kolosov represents a whole era. His rather hectic artistic activity covers all the last 30 years of contemporary Russian art.
In the 80s, he was one of the leading graphic artists and posters of the country, one of the founders of the reserved seat group; personal poster exhibitions abroad since the end of the 80s; photo shoots and posters with famous people of the country; status exhibitions of the Russian poster. Andrei Kolosov's works are in the collections of the Japanese Academy of Design, the museum of the poster of Stuttgart, the Louvre (department of graphics and poster), the Library. Lenin, and others, and in private collections - M. Gelman, K. Kostaki, K. Borisov, and others ...

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