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I’ve always had a passion for art.

I loved my middle and high school art classes and would draw at home during summer vacation. When I got to college, I planned on getting a minor degree in art, but was discouraged when my more realistic, “sterile” style at the time clashed with the traditional modes of thinking of my professors. Completely discouraged and lacking the credits needed, I swapped the art minor for history and didn’t make any art for years.

Around 2012, I picked up my pencil again, jumped in without even feeling the water, and started working on an overly ambitious graphic novel that lasted about 7 pages. Undeterred, I spent way too much on every art book and art tool I could get my hands on, studying my favorite artists, making connections, practicing the basics, and learning everything I could. I’ve been creating consistently (but not always successfully) ever since!

These days, I primarily work digitally on my iPad and I’m constantly trying to bring my art to the next level. I live in Connecticut with my three cats who never ever cause trouble or get in the way and are perfect angels all the time (but I still adore them). A huge nerd, I love all forms of entertainment and geek culture, reading everything and as much as I can, and storytelling. My dream is to write and illustrate my own books!

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