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Jessie Mahon is a Midwest-born painter and illustrator currently living and working from her home studio in Los Angeles, California. Her work reflects our innate desire to feel seen and explores self-development in playful, figurative ways. She’s worked in a variety of contexts – illustrating album covers and movie posters, designing and installing large-scale murals for commercial clients, and painting/writing for online and print publications. Recently her work has been featured in Rockefeller Center’s “The Flag Project” group exhibition as well as on Nearness Project and issue 10 of inbtwn. magazine.

Her paintings and illustrations draw largely from her surroundings and abstract observations, imbuing her work with colorful, dreamlike whimsy. Pulling from what’s both real and imagined, her work is constructed from memories of home, quiet moments of intimacy, and careful thought on how different people move through this world.

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