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Basque contemporary painter and illustrator currently living in Galicia, Spain.
Raised in nature surrounded by ancient oak woods, I spent my childhood drawing and believing in the fairytales which now feed my imagination. Being in constant touch with nature developed my love for both our flora and fauna, becoming a great part of the being I am and awakening my interest on the pagan stories, culture and heritage.

I paint mostly with watercolors and oils on wood. I am always trying to create my pieces with the least toxic media possible in order to work clean and sustainably.

Inspired by the magical woods I was raised in and the darkness of my own inner world, I explore the union between utopian scenarios with the emotional strength of mental diseases. The unknown, the human subconscious, the fragility of the mind and our undeniable connection to nature are the constant path in my work. When creating new works, I draw inward for autobiographical themes linked with the beauty of animals and botanical elements; using the symbology of certain objects, animals and flowers to subtly show my inner feeling.

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