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trying to render the 3D world into as perfect of a 2D illusion as I could. Growing up my art centred around creating hyperrealistic and aesthetically pleasing art. I believe beauty is a human need, as it provides spiritual and emotional nourishment by allowing us to interface with the divine. The transcendental experience of viewing art has the power to bring love, joy, and peace into the world. Bringing more beauty into my life is something I've always naturally done, as it is an innate passion and purpose of mine.

I've only realized within the past few years the potential art has as a vehicle for changing the way people think and feel. I am deeply spiritual and aim to connect people to their deepest self, the self we all share in our most fundamental being, by striving to authentically express myself through my art. Lately I’ve been inspired to create more surreal and abstract pieces, attempting to portray the mystery of being by deviating from reality. I hope by doing so I can help others understand themselves and alleviate suffering in the world.

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