The gift of life and earthly time
An image of likeness created by the divine.
Energy manifests itself every singular day
To be seen in different and divergent ways.
Man must understand before he can know
A child is the harvest from a single seed, only he can sow.Life needs energy to grow and also to change
The human mind has molecules to rearrange.
Mankind should now surely understand
Earthly time is given only once to the children of man.
Energy is more an embodiment than a human condition Creator of the universe is a singular rendition.
Man can think and interpret the meaning of words
Yet know little of self and even less, about the birds.
Leaders accept responsilbity but refuse to place any blame There is no harvest when evil is the seed, in actions of shame.Vision is limited by not placing value on the word of try Just as each cause has a reason and purpose if we but ask why.

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